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120 Volt Flood Light - Model-1303
120 Volt Flood Light - Model-1303
SKU: T12-2ES-1303X
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120V Flood Lights

The broad-beamed high-intensity artificial lights, which are often used to light up outdoor playing grounds during low light conditions, are known as flood lights. Apart from playing grounds, these lights are often used for lighting stages for concerts or live performances, industrial areas and even residential places.

There are various types of flood lights like the metal halide ones and sodium vapor lamps (commonly used for sporting events). In addition, with recent advancement, there are now LED versions offering brighter effect at lesser cost. Flood lights come in different voltage range. It varies from 12-24 volts to 120v flood lights. 120V lights are primarily used for lighting bigger areas like industrial complex or playing grounds or backyard of houses.

Flood lights and its Uses

The purpose of using flood lights is not meant for tearing the pitch-dark nights but provide safety and security. Such high power lights offer protection from social nuisances and reprobates.

The high powered ones like 120v lights used for illuminating playing grounds are made of steel and aluminum frames and is designed for high wattage fixture. With this the 120v flood lights can cover extensive area with its brightness. Having such lights in residential area offers protection to home from all angles.

120v flood lights are also used as searchlights for a wider locality or a waterfront. Rescue crews also used these flood lights for their search operations. 120v lights are used by the law enforcement agencies as well. They often use such lights to complete their scanning process of a wide area in lesser time. This usage often leads to saving lives and helping to protect residents of the area.

Used as streetlights, these high-powered 120v lights illuminate the roads for a brighter view to the drivers. Nowadays, we often see LED 120v flood lights for better effect. Thus, all these factors combined together make flood lights worth their value.