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120V Lights

120 Volt LightsThere are many good reasons why you would want to leave your floodlight on all night. You may have heard from neighbors about criminal activity in the area. You may be coming home late, and want the light already on to greet you when you arrive. You may simply prefer the security and safety that having an outdoor light on at night gives you. Whatever your reason, with energy efficient 120V landscape lights, you can leave the light on all night without having to feel guilty about energy usage.

120V Landscape Lights

The 120V landscape lights at iLandscapeLights.com are all built to house compact fluorescent bulbs. Compact fluorescents can last up to seven years if they are treated properly, and use only a fraction of the energy that a regular incandescent bulb uses. Homeowners and public property managers everywhere are switching to LED landscape lights and compact fluorescents for their outdoor lighting needs in order to save costs in maintenance and in energy.  

For Safety and Aesthetic Use of 120V Lights

Traditionally, floodlights are used on a garage, a front porch, or a patio for safety. However, this isn't the only way a 120V light can be positioned. You can install these lights in a garden or on a lawn and aim them upward for effective uplighting techniques. Depending upon the angle you use, you can cast dramatic shadows on your house, create silhouettes, or illuminate trees. As a result of using these 120V landscape lights, your home will be well-illuminated at night, and may even appear larger than it is.

The extra light makes your home and landscape more attractive at night, while simultaneously providing security for you and your family. Criminals are unlikely to approach a house that's well-lit by 120V floodlights. The intensity of the light means that their every move will be captured and shadowed, especially if you position the lights strategically to light doors and windows.


You can find high-intensity 120V floodlights at iLandscapeLights.com, along with a host of other outdoor lighting products. If the 120V floodlights don't do the trick, take a look at the landscape spotlights, instead, which include both LED lights and traditional incandescent bulbs. iLandscapeLights.com also includes a broad selection of pathway lights, pond and waterfall lights, landscape area lights, and elegant hanging pendant lights.