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Landscapce Area Light Landscape area lights are outdoor lights that are used for a variety of applications. Unlike landscape spotlights, which are used to create dramatic silhouettes, shadows, and highlight specific landscape or building features, landscape area lights offer more subtle landscape lighting for pathways, patios, drives, and gardens.

Downlighting - Area Lights

Landscape area lights are most frequently used to achieve the landscape lighting technique known as downlighting. Downlighting, as the name implies, casts light downward onto a wide area. Most often mounted on a pole or in a tree, landscape area lights provide soft downlighting to illuminate a portion of your property.

The higher the landscape area light is mounted, the wider the circle of light it will cast. When illuminating a pathway or a portion of a garden, choose an arrangement of several, shorter mounted lights. To light a large portion of your yard, or to make your patio usable at night for parties or other events, mount the landscape area light higher.

Safety and Aesthetics of Area Lights

Landscape area lighting adds a final artistic touch to an already well-designed landscape. Pathways and patios become romantic, lovely places at night thanks to the soft downlighting provided by the landscape area light. Your family and guests will be able to enjoy all the features of your home at any time of day or night.

From the point of view of safety, landscape area lighting is crucially important, especially on pathways and drives. The low light they cast upon the ground prevents accidents from happening. Lighting patios and gardens also deters criminal activities, adding to the overall security of your home while increasing its aesthetic appeal simultaneously.


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