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Deck Lights

Deck LightsLighting up your deck, patio, or porch at night makes it safer, highlights its most attractive features, and turns it into a great spot for parties or nighttime entertainment. If you haven't already, consider your options for installing deck lights on your deck or patio.

Styles for Deck Lights

Some people keep deck lights simple, illuminating their deck with a floodlight and calling it a day. There are many more options, however, that can add a charming touch to your deck.

One popular style of deck lighting is to use small, recessed lights embedded into the deck at regular intervals. This uplighting style provides soft, subtle deck lights, while also illuminating dangerous edges or steps.

Other people prefer to illuminate their deck from below, using a spotlight technique from the garden or lawn that surrounds the deck. The advantage of spotlighting the deck is that both the deck and the landscaping features can be illuminated simultaneously.

One of the most common styles, however, is to use half-moon sconce lighting and brick lights. Both sconces and brick lights can be installed onto the deck's posts, stairs, or walls, depending upon the lighting style that you most prefer.

Alternatively, use a combination of lighting styles, and finish off the job with a hanging pendant light, illuminating your deck from above. Regardless of what type of lighting appeals to you, the finished product will be a deck that you can use in any season, at any time of day or night. In the cold winter months, turn on your deck lights and watch the snow or the rain swirl in the light.


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