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In-Ground Lights

In-ground LightsIn-ground lights add a subtle touch to your landscape or pathway lighting and have a wide variety of applications. From aesthetics to safety, there are many good reasons to add in-ground lights to your public or private landscaping.

Aesthetic Use of In-Ground Lights

In-ground lighting is most often used for “uplighting” -- that is, shining light from below upon a certain landscape feature. Usually, uplighting focuses on trees or shrubs, but is also used to highlight garden walls. The effect is quite dramatic, especially during certain seasons. Catching swirling snow during a nighttime snowfall, for example, highlighting autumn colors on a tree, or emphasizing a certain statue adds particularly impressive beauty to a given landscape.

Safety Uses for In-Ground Lights

In-ground or well lighting can also be used along a path or patio to enhance security. Common pathway lights are brick lights. Flat and smooth, a brick light is on the same plane as the sidewalk or path, which prevents it from being tripped on or damaged.

On a patio, in-ground lighting also adds both safety and security. Providing patio light at night prevents accidents, but it also keeps criminals away. Burglars and other criminals seek out homes with very little outdoor lighting, so that they can commit their crimes without ever being detected. Therefore, it is especially important to add outdoor lighting wherever there is an entrance, such as a patio door. The shadows cast by the in-ground light's uplighting make an intruder almost impossible to miss.

Energy Efficient Lights

These days, in-ground lighting is available with both traditional incandescent bulbs and with high-efficiency LED bulbs. Some people prefer incandescent bulbs because of the color it offers, but increasingly, public officials and private home owners are opting for LED lights. Although they are more expensive at first, they last longer and use less energy, which saves money in the long run.


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