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LED Lights

LED Lights“LED” stands for “light-emitting diode”. LED lights work by moving electrons through a semiconductor material, emitting photons that create their light. In essence, by adding power to an arrangement of electrons and semiconductor material, the electrons become excited and move through various holes in the material, causing the photons to be released.

LED Light Advantages

There are numerous advantages to creating lights using LED technology. Incandescent bulbs, unlike LED lights, use narrow, delicate filaments to create both heat and light. The heat emitted by an incandescent bulb is wasted energy, and can be a fire hazard. The filament itself burns out over time. LED lights do not have these disadvantages. A relatively low amount of heat is created, so they are very energy-efficient, and the bulb lasts anywhere from two to four times as long as a regular incandescent light bulb. The light itself tends to be whiter and brighter than light from other energy-efficient bulbs, such as fluorescents.

Outdoor Applications for LED Lights

LED lighting is used everywhere; from digital wristwatches to cell phones and television screens, we are surrounded by LED technology.

We're also surrounded by LED lighting outside. When it comes to the outdoors, LED technology can be used to create excellent in-ground lights, landscape spotlights, step lights, and other types of landscape lights. The brick lights that light up paths, for example, are usually LED landscape lights. Increasingly, LEDs are used for spotlights, as well, saving homeowners and city governments a great deal of money due to their low energy consumption and longevity. Some municipalities expect to save thousands of dollars per year in energy costs by phasing out their old-fashioned outdoor lighting and introducing LEDs.


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