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Path Lights

Path LightsOutdoor path lights are essential landscape lighting features. Path lights prevent accidents after the sun goes down, when tripping or falling on an unlit path or drive is a real safety hazard. Additionally, path lights add a nice touch to your property's nighttime aesthetic appeal. Path lighting comes in many different styles, so think carefully about the style that will best match your property's existing landscape features.

Large Path Lights

Your first task is deciding on the size of the path light fixtures for your property. In a garden area with tall vegetation, in especially dark areas, or in areas such as public paths that require more light, you might consider a taller path light. Some accent lights are two to three feet in height, which means they are not so subtle but they're also more difficult to accidentally trip over, kick, or hit with a lawn mower or edger.

Small Pathway Lights

The smaller lights are more subtle, adding a more delicate, artistic accent to a pathway or a driveway. However, they are notorious for getting run over by cars and humans because they are so much smaller.

If a small light isn't right for your property, consider a well light or a brick light. These pathway lights are typically embedded into the ground, making them level with the plane of the ground. The advantage of this type of pathway lighting is that it's already meant to be stepped on and will not be damaged that way. The disadvantage is that maintenance on the light requires it to be dug up each time a bulb needs to be changed or wiring needs to be checked. With that being said, brick lights and other well lights are built to be hardy and are not prone to failure.


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