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Pendant LightsDoes your property include a covered walkway, gazebo, screened in porch, or cabana? If you do, why enjoy it only during the day time? An outdoor pendant light will make your favorite outdoor spot enjoyable at any time of the day or night. Especially if you use your property to entertain guests, outdoor pendant lights add an elegant touch to your landscape lighting.

Pendant Lights Provide Class

There's more to outdoor lighting than floodlights and wall-mounted lantern lights. Think of pendant lights as lights you would normally only see indoors, but instead hang gently outdoors to provide soft downlighting.

You can hang pendant lights virtually anywhere. While traditionally hung inside a gazebo or from a covered walkway, there's no reason to limit your creativity when it comes to pendant lighting. You could hang a pendant light or several from low branches of your favorite tree, for example. If you live in a place where you have palm trees, you could string a wire between several trees and hang your lights from there.

Another artistic technique to use is to hang several lights from the same fixture, but at different levels. Using this technique, you can get the illumination you need by hanging multiple small lights instead of using one large light. Although the technique is simple, the lighting effect is quite dramatic.

Pendant Lighting Available from iLandscapeLights.com

The pendant lighting at iLandscapeLights.com span a wide range of sizes and styles. Popular lights include the antique look of the raw copper Carmela, or the long, slender Valencia, whose shade's multiple holes give it a unique, almost Asian style. For those who like a more modern appearance, the Alessia and the Luna are reminiscent of hanging spotlights and are elegant in their simplicity. Whatever style you choose, you'll certainly find a pendant light that fits your existing home and landscaping.

Other Lights Available from iLandscapeLights.com

iLandscapeLights.com carries more than just hanging pendant lighting. From step lights and deck lights to lights to illuminate your pond and waterfall, you'll find all the landscaping lights you need at iLandscapeLights.com. Browse through both LED lights and traditional bulbs, along with plenty of parts and accessories. Whether you're a homeowner or a landscape lighting designer, be sure to include iLandscapeLights.com in your design plans.