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Pond Lights

Pond LightsPerhaps you recently added a pond to your landscaping, or have considered adding one. If you have, don't forget to think about how you want your pond to look at night. After all, with no lighting, a pond at night is nothing more than a dark splotch in your garden or in your lawn. At best, it remains invisible to you and to your guests; at worst, an embarrassing trip could leave you or a guest all wet.

Illuminating your pond with pond lights from above or below can have a dramatic, beautiful effect that are certain to delight both you and guests to your home. Especially if your pond is stocked with koi or other fish, or if you have lilies growing in your pond, underwater pond lighting makes your pond a nighttime wonderland.

Types of Underwater Pond Lights

Underwater pond lights come in a variety of styles to suit different tastes. For small or shallow ponds, a recessed light embedded in faux rocks are quite attractive. However, they do not provide very strong light, so they are not ideally suited for larger ponds.

Underwater spotlights provide an excellent amount and quality of light, and are perfect for highlighting the underwater features of your pond. Underwater spotlights can also be fitted with different color lenses, so that the pond lights provide red, blue, green, or another color of light.

Alternatively, if you want to add diffuse light to your pond but do not wish for the strength or highlighting capacities of an underwater spotlight, try iLandscapeLights.com's Haceinda pond light. Made from tough fiberglass, this pond light can be installed into a pond wall or at the bottom of the pond, and provides a gentle glow to the pond environment.

Ponds or Pools

The underwater lighting at iLandscapeLights.com can be applied to pools, too. Nighttime swimming will be fun and safe with the addition of bright underwater lighting.


You can find both underwater spotlights and Haceinda lights at iLandscapeLights.com, along with a host of other landscape lighting for your pond, your waterfall, or other features of your home. iLandscapeLights.com offers both high-efficiency LED lights as well as traditional lights, and offers a wide selection of spotlights, deck lights, step lights, pathway lights, and floodlights to enhance your property's nighttime security and attractiveness.