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Step LightsWhether you are a homeowner, a city official who manages a public property, or a landscape designer, if you have a property with outdoor steps, you owe it to yourself and everyone who visits that property to install landscape step lights.

Even during bright daylight hours, steps are frequently accidents waiting to happen. When the weather is rainy or icy, or after the sun goes down, the steps become even more hazardous. If your steps don't have landscape step lights, you are tempting fate – and possibly lawyers.

Safety and Aesthetic Appeal at Once

The great part about landscape step lights is that they add both safety and aesthetic appeal to your outdoor steps at once. On a patio or around a gazebo, landscape step lights provide soft downlighting that ensures safety while also enhancing charm. Garden steps equipped with lights allow you to enjoy your garden into the evening, without risking a fall. In short, wherever you install landscape step lighting, you'll improve safety while adding elegance at the same time.

Styles of Step Lighting

There are three main styles of landscape step lighting. The first style is the louver. A louver looks essentially like a grate that you would see over a floor or wall air conditioning vent. In this case, however, the grate protects the light from errant heels or other objects that might damage it, while simultaneously muting the light to keep it from being too bright or obtrusive.

The second style of landscape step lighting is the half-moon sconce. These stylish lights are more aesthetically pleasing and brighter than the louver lights, but their round shape and larger size means that they may not work in every step lighting situation.

The third type of step lighting is the brick light. Brick lights are often used as pathway and landscape step lighting. In the case of step lighting, they embed into the wall or the step itself. Because they are already flat, it is impossible to trip on a brick light or to otherwise damage it.


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