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Waterfall Lights

Waterfall LightsYou've probably put a lot of effort into building your own waterfall in your backyard. With the careful placement of large rocks and small rocks, twists and turns in the waterfall, you've created a stunning landscape feature for your property. You've also probably positioned the waterfall so that you can see it from your patio, your porch, or your sun room. However, if you haven't added waterfall lights to your creation, don't consider your project complete just yet.

Finish Your Project with Waterfall Lights

Why would you want to enjoy your creation only during the daylight hours, and allow it to remain invisible once the sun goes down? The flora and fauna surrounding your waterfall deserve to be illuminated at night; waterfall lights are the final finishing touch to your backyard waterfall project.

Underwater or Above Water Lights?

To begin illuminating your waterfall, ask which style you would prefer: an underwater or above water lighting system. The two different techniques will lead to very different looks for your waterfall at night.

Underwater waterfall lights give your waterfall a ghostly, otherworldly look, as if the water itself is glowing or molten. Place underwater lights behind the waterfall curtain and shine it at the falling water so that the water seems to shimmer and dance as it falls. Alternatively, place a Haceinda style light where the water meets the pond, illuminating the water with a gentle glow from below.

A spotlight or area light can function as above water light for your waterfall. Place stylish area lights or path lights at intervals around your waterfall creation, making both the waterfall and the surrounding landscape visible simultaneously.


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